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Did you realise that?

According to Age UK, nearly a million people in the United Kingdom go more than a month without contacting anyone. Loneliness and isolation are not just serious issues; they have also been connected to health issues such as depression, sleep difficulties, hypertension, stress, and mental health issues.

Total Healthcare believes that no one should be lonely or isolated, which is why we created our companionship care service. Total Healthcare companions¬†can make your or a family member’s day. Our caregivers visit on a regular basis or as needed.

They will become a familiar, friendly face, spending quality time with you or your loved one and engaging in meaningful discussion.

What can our companionship team do for you?

Our companions can do the following things with you, a family member, or a friend:

Visiting the bank or receiving a pension.

Buying food, clothing, or other goods.

Chatting over a cup of tea

Participating in crafts or hobbies.

Escorting someone to a community centre.

Help with public transport.

Transportation to and from doctor’s, dentist’s, and hospital appointments.

Encourage and assist with exercise, where appropriate.

Using a cell phone, a television remote control, or a computer.

settling bills and understanding financial documents.

Obtaining financial assistance when applying for benefits.

Don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how Total Healthcare can assist you or to get answers to any questions you may have!