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A person’s emotional life, social life, psychological life, and even their ability to function in daily life can all be significantly impacted by living with dementia. Adjusting to the changes brought on by dementia may be incredibly difficult, not just for the person who is living with the condition but also for their family and friends who are close to them. Dementia is frequently portrayed as a series of losses.

As a result of the gradual nature of the transition from being a husband, friend, or child to being a caregiver for someone with dementia, friends and family members may not see themselves as carers despite the fact that they have adjusted to the effects that dementia has on them.

¬†Caregivers must be able to deal with the physical demands of caregiving as well as the emotional impact that the person’s dementia has on them. As dementia worsens, it can be very challenging for caregivers to support the emotional needs of the person they are caring for while also meeting their own emotional needs. In a situation like this, it could be helpful to enlist the assistance of specialists and those who provide care services.

Our dementia homecare services bring qualified carers into your home on an as-needed basis, giving you the flexibility to receive care at any time of the day or night. For our clients who are living with dementia, we provide flexible care options such as shifts and live-in care.

In order to assist clients in regaining and maintaining their independence, your carer has been trained to assist with daily tasks such as prompting medication, assisting with personal care, providing support for keeping a diary, preparing meals, and encouraging clients to participate in activities, games, and outings.

Under the careful direction of our experienced specialised nursing team, the devoted carers we employ are able to offer support to clients who are living with dementia at any stage or level of complexity.

What are your carers going to do?

As part of your complex care arrangements, your professionally vetted carers can help you manage your physical needs, including:

  • Personal care
  • Preparation for a meal
  • Doing chores at home
  • Carers will also provide emotional support and friendship to you or your loved ones

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