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So, just what is end-of-life care? End-of-life care is a special type of care and assistance offered to people with serious or fatal diseases. Its mission is to assist individuals in living as happily as possible until death, as well as to support close family and friends.

Our end-of-life carer will work with a team of different health care professionals to make you as comfortable as possible by reducing your pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

End-of-life care in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

As they reach the end of their lives, the vast majority of individuals choose to stay in their own homes.

Your house is a safe place to go where no one will bother you. It’s full of good memories and happy thoughts about the past.

We highly suggest you choose our end-of-life services, which provide 24-hour care, if you want exceptional care and support without the confines of a hospital or care home.

We have extensively vetted our caregivers as end-of-life care providers. We will make every attempt to assist you in finding the ideal caregiver for you; someone who understands how to provide the finest possible care to people with terminal diseases.

Among our care services are:

  • Providing personal care
  • Provision of medications, administration of oxygen, and control of pain and symptoms.
  • preparing meals
  • Laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping
  • Providing assistance to family members and aiding with any required planning is
  • Taking care of your pets so you don’t have to.
  • Collaboration with healthcare providers

Our carers are all sympathetic and capable of dealing with any scenario. They may assist you and your family in overcoming adversity by fostering your comfort with dignity and respect.

Don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how Total Healthcare can assist you or to get answers to any questions you may have!